Alienware AW2521HF review: "A great monitor with a very specific audience"


Alienware is Dell’s gaming-focused brand and has been doing the rounds for a long time. Much like Razer, the Alienware name holds a lot of weight. So when it was revealed that the brand was releasing the Alienware AW2521HF, a 240Hz, 24.5-inch, 1ms, IPS panel monitor for sub $500, people got excited and rightfully so. The question lies in whether it lives up to its promises and is worth the hefty price tag, especially since you’ll need an uber-powerful gaming rig to take advantage of 240Hz. Chances are you’ll need to pick something a bit on the pricey side from our best gaming laptops or best gaming PC guide. Naturally, an Alienware gaming PC would be a good match too.


Alienware AW2521HF review

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Credit where credit is due; if aesthetics are what you’re looking for in order to have a sleek setup with a minimalistic feel, the Alienware AW2521HF excels on that front. A smooth, matte black finish covers the product, with a tiny bezel measuring just 0.5cm across and 2cm at the bottom. This is all display, with the monitor settings accessible via buttons on the back. Don’t fret about having to reach behind though; five buttons by the edge means you can reach all of them by just placing your fingers around the right-hand side.

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