Crayta review: "A game with the potential to improve exponentially over time"

Fast Facts

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Release date: July 1, 2020
Platform(s): Google Stadia
Developer: Unit 2 Games
Publisher: Google Stadia 

More than other media, video games spark the creativity of their players. Few who avidly read also write their own books, just like most movie buffs don’t make movies in their free time. For whatever reason, avid gamers seem more interested in building their own worlds than existing in those created for them and, as a result, there are a number of legitimate game making tools to help them through the process. Though it’s not as deep as Dreams or as malleable as Roblox, Crayta is certainly the most collaborative of all game makers to date, which leaves it feeling like a great teaching tool – even if the games created through it aren’t all that appealing.

In the Stadia-exclusive Crayta, players customize their own character from a short list of options before they quickly fall into a world of user-generated creations. Built on Lua, the same coding architecture that birthed Roblox, Crayta has the advantage over rival creation platforms of being hosted in the cloud. This means you are able to instantly tweak your creations on one screen and see it live on another; it’s a feature that impresses right away and serves as a reminder of Stadia’s promise, despite the service’s rocky launch.

Game creation with friends

(Image credit: Unit 2 Games)

If you have used other game creation platforms in the past, Crayta will feel comfortable right out of the gate. Similarly, if you’re already familiar with coding and the creation of virtual worlds, you’ll find the tools within Crayta easy to get to grips with. Sadly, that also means the learning curve remains steep for inexperienced players. Crayta takes steps to remedy this with its best and starring feature: the ability to build cooperatively. Using Google Stadia’s State Share functionality (which is launching in beta alongside Crayta), you have the option to access a live build session with other players. Only those with the code will be able to access the game, making it like a living Google Doc for players to jump into and start creating all at once.

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