Cult board game dungeon crawler Gloomhaven is getting a video game adaptation

Asmodee Digital has announced that it’s working on a video game adaptation of the hugely popular (and also huge) board-game-of-the-moment, Gloomhaven.

Designed by Isaac Childres and first released last year, Gloomhaven is a truly, and somewhat terrifyingly, vast fantasy dungeon crawler. It’s described as “a game of Euro-inspired tactical combat in a persistent world of shifting motives” and features loads of characters, items, and scenarios (making for a staggering degree of flexibility), all of which gradually unlock over the course of a sprawling, 100+ hour campaign.

Gloomhaven has made quite a name for itself in board game circles (it’s been lingering near the top of BoardGameGeek’s Hotness chart for a good long while now), partly because it’s a thrilling, richly designed, and all-round fantastic RPG experience – but also because it comes in a box that could comfortably accommodate a small-to-mid-sized family. I bought a copy relatively recently and there’s a very good chance I may be sleeving its 1,500+ cards until the day I die.