Dontnod's Twin Mirror returns to the studio's B-movie roots

It’s been several years since mystery thriller Twin Mirror was first announced – and since then it has remained something of a mystery itself. Originally pitched as an episodic thriller set in small town America, its initial reveal suggested similarities to developer Dontnod’s Life is Strange teen drama series.

Now, Twin Miror has emerged a little more – and it feels much more in line with Dontnod’s other work, such as its fun B-movie sci-fi game Remember Me. There’s a main character who re-analyses old memories in the third person and a big question mark around their own identity – the twin in the mirror of the game’s title. Oh, and as announced last month, it’s no longer episodic either.

Main character Sam Higgs is a former investigative reporter and gruff James McAvoy lookalike, returning to his hometown for the first time in years to attend an old friend’s funeral. He narrates his own surroundings in a manner reminiscent of Alan Wake, and dwells upon objects linked to his past.

The game opens with Higgs stopping en route to the funeral service to look out over the place he grew up, at a viewpoint where he once proposed to a former girlfriend. She rejected him – marriage was something they had talked about and decided against, she says in a flashback – but it holds bad memories.

Flashbacks are witnessed via a stroll through Higgs’ mind palace – a beautiful 3D environment where paths and memories are illuminated like the glass fronds of a chandelier. Here, Higgs can brood for long periods – so long, that when he wakes from his thoughts he has missed the funeral in question.