The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle review: "The green life isn't a simple one, but it's certainly fulfilling"

The Sims 4 expansion packs can be hit or miss – either the content isn’t all that exciting (Get to Work) or doesn’t fit well into everyday gameplay (Get Together), or the new additions can radically alter the way the world feels (Seasons) and drastically impact gameplay (Pets). On the expansion pack scale, Eco Lifestyle falls closer to the latter. It’s a lively, expansive addition to the base game that has a demonstrable effect on all of the neighborhoods, not just Evergreen Harbor, the latest Eco Lifestyle ‘hood. 

With Eco Lifestyle, every Sims 4 neighborhood from Glimmerbrook to San Myshuno can have an eco-footprint directly affected by your gameplay. If you’ve built yourself a McMansion in Del Sol Valley with a home theater and DJ booth for your fledgling house music career, you’ll be sucking up energy and yucking up the environment faster than your Sim can say “dag dag”. Even if you decide to live off-the-grid and use alternative fuel sources to help nudge that eco-footprint closer to green, just like in the real world, the green living ain’t easy.

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