The voice behind Command & Conquer announcer EVA re-recorded her lines for the remaster after the original audio was lost

The developer of the upcoming Command & Conquer remaster re-hired the voice actor behind the game’s announcer to re-record her lines after the original audio tapes were lost.

25 years after recording EVA’s dialogue, Kia Huntzinger did it again.

Developer Petroglyph, which was founded by ex-Westwood staff after EA shut the studio down back in 2003, brought Kia Huntzinger in to re-record her dialogue for announcer EVA.

Any Command & Conquer fan will be familiar with EVA’s A.I. dialogue, which notified you when units were lost, the enemy was attacking and, of course, when silos were needed. Here’s a reminder of Kia Huntzinger’s work for the original real-time strategy classic: