Amazon reveals spruced up Fire TV model

Amazon is releasing a new model of its Android-based Fire TV micro-console that will offer 75 per cent more processing power than the previous model.


Available for pre-order right now, the upcoming version of Fire TV will be available on 5th October.

It costs £79.99 or $139.99 in the US where it’s bundled with Shovel Knight, DuckTales Remastered and a new controller as the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition.

Other benefits to this upcoming model include 4K Ultra HD compatibility and more 1080p streaming video options. It’s also 10g lighter than the old model with roughly the same dimensions (barring a 0.3mm increase in height).

Oh, and that new controller bundled in the US will be coming out on 22nd October in the UK for £39.99. It features wider triggers and bumpers, a raised D-pad, and just looks a lot slicker than the boxy old version. It will also come bundled with DuckTales Remastered over here.

Amazon released a few other new tablets today in its Fire catalogue. You can check those out at Amazon UK.


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