Astro A50 review: “A fantastic and luxurious wireless headset”

This reviewer’s first experience with Astro headsets came in 2012 when assigned to sit in a hotel room and review a Call Of Duty (can’t remember which one, probably gave it an 8). COD’s great and all, but it’s exhausting on the ears. Gunfire and macho grunts in eight-to-ten-hour shifts, for three solid days. In the wrong circumstances, such a press event could easily be a living hell, but, fortunately, there were pairs of A50s laid out for us all by our tellies. (And yes, they stayed there after we checked out, just so we’re clear.)

Design & Features

(Image credit: Astro)

Those maxims of comfort and quality are truer than ever with the latest gen of A50, Astro’s flagship model. The velour-effect covers around each earcup are breathable but wonderfully cosy on the ears, like a duvet that shouts bullet sounds at you. There’s a huge amount of rotation (and in fact the earcups can be positioned flat for space-saving packing) and adjustment from the headband, so there’s always a comfortable configuration for you whatever your cranial dimensions. 

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