BenQ EW3280U review: "A monitor that provides a great 4K gaming and entertainment experience – for a pretty high price tag"

The gaming monitor market is now used to the presence of a growing number of models jostling to be the best 4K monitor for gaming. While they are becoming more and more affordable, 4K monitors also try to position themselves as stand out models with other features where appropriate. The BenQ EW3280U does this by virtue of declaring itself honed and excellent for entertainment (movies and TV) as well as games. Coming in around the $800 / £700 mark, this is no bad thing as it tries to jostle for its place in the 4K market as well as stand out, offering some niche advantages.


The BenQ EW3280U has a typically BenQ-style in its design: its square base is simple and sturdy and doesn’t intrude too much on the desk but its large screen size (32-inches) means it has some bulk and heft across the desk generally. While the footprint isn’t massive, which is great, this panel would be more at home in a larger setup or more spacious one: having it up close and personal in a small or compact gaming or office space is not its natural habitat and is a bit overwhelming. At least initially. Put a bit of space between your eyes and the screen, however, and it’s a joy. The size means there isn’t a vast range of movement to the monitor – tilting is about is good as it gets – but this is acceptable. The speakers which adorn the bottom ‘bezel’ are great and combined with the rear one, do actually provide a suitable built-in audio option if you’re not near one of the best gaming headsets, for some reason. Overall, the screen is very pleasant to look at and is a success in aesthetics; even the copper-brown style of the coloring across the base, bezels and monitor back is nice.

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