Can AI Moderators Save Streamers From Toxic Trolls?


Intel has found that 10% of gamers who quit did so due to toxic online behavior. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

The internet can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Today it’s easier than ever to hop on the web, make connections with the like-minded, learn something new or even launch a career, like game streaming. Streamers build a following by putting their skills and personality out there, and you can’t be a popular streamer without interacting with your viewers and the broader community on Twitch YouTube and the like. But what happens when that community is plagued with toxic behavior, from hate speech to harassment, that can seem louder than the kudos and positive emojis? As a technology business, can innovations like artificial intelligence serve as the elixir for an industry made unpleasant by its own customers?

Trolls Gone Wild

If you’re internet-savvy enough to have made it to this website, chances are you’ve seen or even experienced how nasty people can be online. With streamers, the insults can come in real-time and become more personal as your face and image are put on display. In fact, according to Intel research,10% of players who quit gaming cited toxicity as the reason.

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