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Pokemon Go’s Friendship Day Global Challenge Is Being Removed

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is tweaking the game’s upcoming Friendship Day event. As the studio announced on Twitter, it is removing the event’s Global Challenge. In its place, Niantic is increasing the amount of XP you’ll receive from completing the Friendship Day Collection Challenge, from 100,000 to 175,000. Friendship Day …

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Amazon Reportedly Cancels Lord Of The Rings MMO

Amazon has reportedly canceled its long-awaited Lord of the Rings MMO game, making it just the latest in a growing list of unreleased projects from the tech giant. However, it appears this game’s cancellation came from a contract dispute rather than any issue with creating something that met quality standards. …

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Have A Photo Mode

Looks like we’ll not only have enhanced graphics for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, but we’ll be able to capture our favorite moments from the remaster too, as the collection is launching with a photo mode feature. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition project director Mac Walters tweeted that the upcoming remaster will …

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