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Sea Of Thieves Fate Of The Damned Update Now Live

October’s free Sea of Thieves update, Fate of the Damned, is now live. The Halloween-themed update introduces a wealth of new content to Rare’s shared-world pirate game, including some ghoulish new Voyages to undertake, as well as pets, cosmetics, and other rewards to earn. Chief among the new content are …

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PC Gaming Gift Guide 2020: Headsets, Keyboards, And More

This holiday season’s spotlight is dominated by the new consoles, but that doesn’t mean PC gaming hasn’t had any great hardware and accessories this year. Companies like Corsair and Razer have expanded their gaming keyboard and gaming mouse lines, while Elgato and HyperX have released some excellent streaming microphones. We’ve …

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Pokemon Crown Tundra Steed Guide: Which Steed Is Better?

One of the legends you’re tasked with investigating in Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Crown Tundra DLC revolves around a brand-new Legendary Pokemon named Calyrex. In ages past, Calyrex was worshipped by the denizens of the Crown Tundra as a king. Over time, however, people’s belief in the Pokemon faded, and …

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