Learning to love Electroplankton’s Hanenbow • Eurogamer.net

Even if Electroplankton wasn’t about various things that live in the water, I suspect that looking down into its depths would still feel a lot like moving between different rockpools, each one its own little universe filled with unique creatures, swarming and multiplying. In 2005, when the game, directed by …

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Music Week: A Hero's Journey

Next up in Music Week we’re bringing you this lovely piece from 2011, all about the various leitmotifs that pull together a true gaming great. London, October 2011. Thousands are crowded into the Hammersmith Apollo, one of the city’s most famous theatrical venues, to hear a concert of music commemorating …

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So, what happened with Pokmon Stars? • Eurogamer.net

A year ago, Eurogamer reported on Pokémon Stars, an expanded version of Pokémon Sun and Moon which sources had told us was then pegged for release on Nintendo Switch this Christmas. Except, as we now know, plans changed. So what happened to the Stars project? Why did Nintendo and The …

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