What does magic mean to you? •

Magic. Have you ever really considered what it means? We’re told what it means a lot, especially in games. We’re told it means fireballs and lightning bolts and turning people into sheep. But is that really magic, or is it simply a term used to describe something we’ve become accustomed …

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Fortnite is getting a Predator skin •

Predator, star of some decent films and okay video games, is joining the Fortnite family. The toothy extra-terrestrial trophy hunter is the latest crossover, and looks set to become free for current battle pass holders over the past few weeks. Predator’s battle pass tab. Today’s 15.20 update brought the first …

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Spanish streamer smashes Twitch viewership record •

While revealing his own Fortnite skin.  More than 2 million people tuned into Twitch last night to watch Spanish Fortnite streamer David “TheGrefg” Martínez reveal his own skin in the game, utterly smashing the platform’s concurrent viewer record. At one point, total viewership to TheGrefg’s channel hit 2.4 million – …

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