Computex 2015 – Gigabyte gaming motherboards

While Intel’s Skylake CPU isn’t due until around August, Gigabyte is ready with a healthy range of new 100-series gaming motherboards. They feature the 170-series variant, which for now will be the performance variant of the chipset.

The new white headshields look fantastic and is a refreshing new look.

Of particular note is the latest Killer X3 chip, which allows both Ethernet ports to be used simultaneously in a sort of LAN-RAID configuration. You can manually select apps per channel (say, Skype on one, torrenting on another), or even enable the Wi-Fi for a triple-speed setup. The system allows either manual or automatic configuration.

Audio got a boost, too, with Creative’s Sound Blaster core 3D chip delivering a very impressive 120 db output. It also has a quality Burr Brown DAC, thus pretty much negating the need for a discrete audio card for anyone but audiophiles.

The company also showed off a huge range of gaming and otherwise outrageously powerful laptops, including the high end X7 which has an SLI configuration of two GTX 970M GPUs pumping graphics to a 17inch G-Sync screen.

Across the rest of the Gigabyte laptop range most of last year’s models have been updated to use Broadwell CPUs and GTX 970M graphics.

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