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  1. Help us with Paper Cat ? game about love and caos relationship of a frisky cat and his human!

    Hello Game News Today dot com, how are you doing?

    I’m Thiago Franco from Ilusis a brazilian game studio. We though you would like to know about our new game inspired on cats.
    After releasing our latest game for PS4 (Krinkle Krusher) we are starting our new project called Paper Cat!

    Here is a video about it:

    and Kickstater previews project:

    Paper Cat is a game about Slick the cat and Frank his human, who loves him despite all the messe he make! It’s a 2D platform game that blends exploration, puzzle, humor and a lot of trouble.

    Cats are great at breaking things … and this is what you do all night long, in your endless pursue for moths and other small creatures. But don’t make to much noise or Frank will awake and the play over. Each night you discover new rooms, special items and break objects in a giant chain reactions. See the hilarious reactions of Frank when he contemplates the chaos Slick makes!

    We intend to launch a crowdfunding campaign for this project and we would like to count with your support! If you liked the project, and are interested in help us spread the word, we can provide any material you may need to make a post about it. You can see more about the project in the following links:


    Thank you for your attention, we are waiting for your reply.


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