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The Corsair HS70 gaming headset is full of surprises, but the biggest might just be the price. For under $100 / £100 you’re getting a sleek, durable design, some nifty Bluetooth features, and strong audio performance. While it’s compatible across PC, PlayStation and Xbox, Switch players looking for the best Nintendo Switch headset will likely find the most value here. The ability to connect to Bluetooth and through the 3.5mm cable is not only handy for swapping between your phone audio and your console, but it also fixes one of the fundamental frustrations with the Nintendo Switch itself. 


The Corsair HS70 design is certainly understated – with a matte black finish and not a glimmer of an LED in sight. It’s a refreshing change for a cheaper headset to move away from the gaudy gamer aesthetic and one that is supported by a durable, solid build to boot.

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