Detective Pikachu gets worldwide release and a huge amiibo •

Detective Pikachu, the bizarre crime-solving Pokémon spin-off for 3DS, is getting a worldwide release and a giant amiibo.

The episodic game will finally see its second episode launch in Japan in March – and a Western release with both episodes included at the same time.

Here’s the game’s talkative star in his new amiibo form, sat next to the original Smash Bros. series Pika:


And here’s the first English-language footage:

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It’s been nearly two years since the first Detective Pikachu episode arrived in Japan. Until last month there was no word of an English-language release – when it was rated by the European ratings board PEGI.

Those intervening two years have seen the game lock down a Hollywood live-action film deal, with Ryan Reynolds (yes, really) voicing and providing mo-cap for the loud-mouthed crime-solving rat.

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