Dreamfall Chapters gets PS4, Xbox One release date

UPDATE 6TH JANUARY: The console versions of Dreamfall Chapters will be enhanced editions, featuring changes to gameplay, art, animations, music, sound-effects, shaders and lighting. There will be a Final Cut (enhanced edition) released for PC and Mac at the same time as well as a free update for existing game owners. Developer Red Thread said specific Dreamfall Chapters Final Cut features will be detailed at a later date.


Dreamfall Chapters will be released for download and in boxes.

ORIGINAL STORY 2ND DECEMBER: The promised PS4 and Xbox One versions of Dreamfall Chapters will be released 24th March 2017.

Deep Silver will publish, at a cheaper 25/€30 price point. Included are all five episodes released on PC, spanning 13 story chapters in total.

Dreamfall Chapters began in 2013 with a Kickstarter campaign. It was what Ragnar Tornquist, former director of The Secret World at Funcom, did next. He created a new studio called Red Thread Games and went back to the game, The Longest Journey, he had become known for.