EGX Rezzed 2019: The best games from this year's show

What another lovely EGX Rezzed that was! A packed schedule saw John Romero discuss his life in games, the teams behind Sea of Thieves, Guild Wars 2 and Dreams present their games on stage and Digital Foundry delve into a gaming world record.

Eurogamer also had sessions of its own – including how to get into games journalism (and the return of our summer internship), a live podcast on reviews and a 20th anniversary show.

There were also hundreds of games to play, including the freshly announced Borderlands Game of the Year edition and Cuphead on Switch, as well as projects from studios of all sizes in the Leftfield Collection, RPS area and more. Below is our selection of favourites.

As with previous years, this isn’t a definitive list of the best games at Rezzed, but a personal selection from the team at Eurogamer as we explored the show floor, and will hopefully act as a useful list of games to keep tabs on in the near future.

Nanotale – Typing Chronicles


Nanotale is perhaps best quickly described as Magicka meets Typing of the Dead. Played with only a keyboard, you explore a top-down landscape using WASD controls, and cast spells by typing out words hovering on screen.

Running around blasting enemies by writing ‘Highbrow’ and ‘Glycogen’ is simple and satisfying enough, but things ramp up with the introduction of powerful modifiers before casting a spell, allowing them to grow in size, potency or element.

Doing so sucks away your mana, and since the way you replenish mana is by typing more words, encounters become a frantic balance of where to send your best spells and deciding which words are the fastest to type out, all while avoiding on-coming attacks.

It’s a welcome change to play a dungeon crawler without clicking a mouse over and over – even if means furiously tapping a keyboard instead.

Matthew R

Axiom Soccer

It’s Rocket League, right? Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. The hovercraft / tank machines you control in Axiom Soccer, the new game from Dundee-based indie Earthbound Games, turn what at first glance looks like a Rocket League clone into a sort of third-person shooter. You’re not smashing your vehicle into the football, as you do in Rocket League. You’re shooting at it with a tank turret.

And it’s harder than it looks. The Axiom Soccer tanks are slower than Rocket League’s cars, so making your shots count on the fast moving football is key. Four different weapons, including a grenade launcher and a weapon that stops the ball dead, as if you’re trapping it, add depth to proceedings. You control your goalkeeper by pointing at where you want it to move and clicking in the mouse wheel. And having to return to your goal to replenish your ammo, ensuring you can’t keep up constant pressure indefinitely, is a smart design choice. There are actual tactics at play here (“I’ll keep them occupied while you reload!), and I didn’t even get the hang of moving my craft up into the air.