EKWB Has Special Edition Watercooling Parts for AMD’s Latest CPUs and GPUs

AMD just announced its new RX 6000 graphics cards, just after it revealed the new Ryzen 5000 CPUs only three weeks ago. It is safe to say that we’re very excited about them. Of course, many of you are planning builds with these parts, and if you’re in the extreme high-end segment, possibly tempted to look at custom watercooling. In a tweet from EK Water Blocks it appears that AMD and EKWB are collaborating to bring you some special edition parts, designed, themed, and built specifically for these new AMD chips.

At this time, not a lot of information is available about these, but that’s okay. EKWB shared two pictures: one of a GPU waterblock with big and bold Radeon branding on it, along with an image of a CPU waterblock branded with Ryzen. Of course, the lighting is red, making these parts perfect for an all-AMD, AMD-themed watercooling build.

EKWB AMD-Themed waterblocks

(Image credit: AMD, Frank Azor)

But that’s not all. AMD’s Frank Azor also revealed a slide showcasing these two parts, next to an array of other watercooling parts including AMD-themed EK-Vardar fans and an EKWB-themed reservoir. 

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