EKWB Reveals Special Edition RTX 3090 FE Waterblock

Back in November last year, EKWB finally revealed its special edition waterblocks for the Founder’s Edition RTX 3080, but the RTX 3090 wasn’t getting such love, at least not at that time. Now, EKWB caved and revealed the Special Edition waterblock for the FE RTX 3090, and boy is it magnificent. 

The EK-Quantum Vector FE RTX 3090 is only compatible with Nvidia’s Founders Edtion RTX 3090 card. This is because it’s designed to accommodate the triangular ‘bite’ that’s taken out of the PCB where the fan blows through, re-using the space to move the G/14″ threads for fittings to the back of the card instead of on the side, as more commonly seen on GPU waterblocks.

The cold plate of the waterblock is milled from a block of copper, which is then nickel-plated to protect it against corrosion. An acrylic top ensures you can still see inside the block for your color fluid and RGB, and this construction is then encased in an aluminum shroud. 

EK-Quantum Vector FE RTX 3090 D-RGB Water Block

(Image credit: EKWB)

Of course, you can’t mix metals in open cooling loops, so EKWB carefully engineered the shroud so that it doesn’t come in contact with the fluid.

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