Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms review: “Breathes new life into tabletop wargaming”

Essential info

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Genre: Tabletop wargame
 1 – 2+
Difficulty: Moderate
Time to play: 60 – 120 mins
Set-up time: 5 – 10 mins
Ages: 14+
Developer: Modiphius Entertainment

I have perpetually bad luck in The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. No matter which mode I play or who I go up against, my ‘heroic’ mage always manages to poop the bed in the most spectacular way possible. But I don’t care. The journey is a blast, and I’m left with plenty of water-cooler stories to last me until Elder Scrolls 6 finally breaks cover.

As a miniature wargame (think Warhammer), The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms features models that you’ll need to construct and paint yourself. And although it includes all the clashing swords and strategy you’d expect as a result, the game is more interested in a good narrative than anything else. This sets it apart from the competition in a big way. By adding elements from some of the best board games, Call to Arms offers a very different feel that we’ve not really seen before.

From screen to tabletop

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