EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid earbuds review: “Makes games sound great, and music sound rich”

EPOS, who are best known for their work alongside audio pioneers Sennheiser, are bringing a set of wireless earbuds to the market that are attempting to bridge the gap between your mobile gaming sessions and everyday life. With the EPOS GTW 70 Hybrid, they’ve made a strong start, producing a set of buds that could rival most in the list of our best gaming headsets when it comes to earbuds with great audio quality and a stylish design that suits any sort of set-up. 

However, these versatile headphones come with a hefty retail price tag of $199/£179, which makes them a significant investment. But, thanks to an impressive audio quality, noise-cancelling, and design, it’s still an easy recommendation for most – and particularly in the realm of the best Nintendo switch headsets. And given their Sennheiser pedigree, could they rival some of the top Sennheiser gaming headsets too?

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