Face-Off: Microsoft Xbox Elite controller vs Razer Wildcat


At Digital Foundry we often talk about hardware upgrades that can dramatically improve the gameplay experience, but there’s a fundamental component that is often overlooked: the controller. As the primary input device for console gamers, this is the core component in how we interact with our games, working to connect us with the action on-screen and to deliver feedback across the course of play. A great controller connects you more closely with the game, while a flawed one does the opposite, actively impacting the quality of gameplay – as any fighting game fan forced to use the Xbox 360 controller’s d-pad will tell you.

Revised over three generations, the Xbox One controller comfortably caters to all genres and in many ways improves upon the standard set by the decade-old Xbox 360 pad. But the question is this: are there better options available for dedicated gamers who want to seek out every last bit of gameplay performance available? Both Microsoft and Razer certainly think so, with the Xbox One Elite controller and the Razer Wildcat positioned as premium products aimed at getting the most out of your games.

With both pads costing around £120, they are obviously aimed at the high-end market. The price may seem extreme in both cases, but paying top dollar for an improved interface is nothing new in the PC market – and as we shall discover, it does improve gameplay. There’s an enhanced feature set available too: both feature customisable parts and the ability to re-map buttons to provide an experience that is more suited to your own style of play. Both controllers provide a number of improvements over the stock pad, though the Elite takes point in terms of overall features and functionality.