Fall Guys review: “There’s little standing in the way between Fall Guys and world domination”

Some games take a while to grow on you. Maybe it takes an hour or two of playtime. Maybe its greatness only begins to reveal itself after a particular plot twist, or once a game-changing ability is unlocked. It takes all of 30 seconds to understand what makes Fall Guys so awesome. By subverting the still-blossoming battle royale genre with party game mechanics, Mediatonic’s breakout game packs all of the tension of Call of Duty: Warzone or PUBG into an adorable Mario Party for the masses.

FAST FACTS – Fall Guys

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Release date: August 5, 2020
Platform: PC, PS4
Developer / Publisher: Mediatonic

Fall Guys is a battle royale like no other. Lobbies fill to a maximum of 60 players, each represented by cutesy bean-like avatars customized as owls, dinosaurs, pineapples, and more. Only one player can walk away with Fall Guys’ coveted crown, and the stress of surviving until the end is just as riveting here as it can be to reach the final circle under a barrage of gunfire in your typical battle royale experience. Thankfully, Fall Guys eschews anything resembling guns or grenades, instead you’ll find a wide variety of colorful party games that are so fun and hilarious that your enduring failure to win never threatens to break your spirit.

A full match takes anywhere from 3-5 rounds, each of which are randomly selected from a field of 24 different levels at launch. Amazingly, there isn’t a bad level in the bunch. Some are more exciting than others, like one that has the mass of bouncy players racing across giant seesaws to be among the qualifying few to advance, or another which pushes players to sprint up a steep hill as massive fruits spill out and attempt to halt their progress. You’ll have favorites, no doubt, but I was stunned to make it through all of the levels at launch without dreading the return of any one of them in the rotation.

Fall Guys review

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Regrettably, there are no private games right now – and given how the servers have been slammed, it’s probably for the best – but you can invite friends to games. There are no squad-based modes, but it’s fun to keep track of where your friends are, maybe even being the cause of their narrow triumphs or hilarious defeats. 

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