Fortnite Fish Collection locations – Where to find all 33 fishes and best fishing spots in Fortnite explained •

The Fish Collection invites you to look for a fishing rod and move away from the fray of the battle in Fortnite to catch some fish instead.

While the number varies per season, there are currently 33 fish to find and catch in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

Such task makes for a great opportunity to explore parts of the map you probably don’t visit much, or spend some time in a tranquil activity while everybody else is busy fighting each other.

This guide will cover how to complete your Fish Collection alongside all locations and the best places to catch them all.

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Fish Collection in Fortnite explained

Fishing is an activity that has been present for quite a while in Fortnite. Each new season brings new fish to catch across the battle royale, each of them providing helpful aid instead of being just a minigame novelty.

Of course, fishing isn’t exactly the first activity that comes to mind after you have jumped off the bus. But aside from being helpful, there is a very enticing incentive: the Fish Collection.


Unlike Fortnite’s Character Collection, where every NPC has an specific location (which may vary depending on the week), fish are on the randomized side of things. You only get to know where they tend to be by proximity (anywhere, swampy areas, forest areas, and so on), which makes the search a tad harder.

It’s likely that you’ll spending time catching the same fishes you’ve already unlocked time and time again. But the good news is that you usually obtain clues of other fishes’ locations by doing so.

If you’re a completionist at heart or you’re just looking for a new task after completing all legendary or epic quests of the week, this might scratch that itch.

Fish Collection list in Fortnite

Below are all 33 fishes in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 that are part of the Fish Collection:

It’s worth noting that even if you meet the area and condition requirements while fishing, some fishes have a rather low chance of appearing. Don’t stress too much if it doesn’t appear right away, as it’s part of the RNG.

In addition, Floppers can be found outside of fishing spots as well. So if you happen to be walking or swimming looking for the next spot, throw the rod to the water to kill some time. Amidst weapons and other items, you’ll find Floppers every now and then.

Best Fish Collection locations to catch fish in Fortnite

You can find fishing spots pretty much anywhere in Fortnite – rivers, lakes, oceans, you name it. But that doesn’t mean that there will be a fishing rod nearby, or enough distance from the fray of battle to take part of the activity without other players taking you down.


Ideally, you want to look for small cabins near the water, since these usually have barrels with fishing rods. Rods can be rather elusive outside of these, and while you may find them during your regular trips across the map, it’s best to optimize time as much as possible.

We have gathered a list of the best fishing spots you can find on the map, and you can see them at a glance below:


While several of the fishes in the collection can be found anywhere, some ask for specific areas. The following spots should cover all of them:

  • Coastal Areas: Believer Beach is the go-to location, but any coast will do, such as the ones surrounding Craggy Cliffs, Steamy Stacks and Dirty Docks, for example. For more secluded spots, head to the ones west of Believer Beach and Holly Hedges, around the map edges.
  • Forest Areas: This one is rather straightforward, as you should fish in the spots surrounding Weeping Woods for these fishes. Any spot across the river will count.
  • Mountainous Areas: The river surrounding Catty Corner and Misty Meadows, as well as the spots below Catty Corner close to the map edges are good shouts. In addition, the area west of Lazy Lake also counts for this category, but it’s usually swamped with enemies, so proceed with caution.
  • Swamp Areas: Lastly, Slurpy Swamp is the go-to for these, but as a thumb rule, as long as the water is brown, it will count as a swamp, so you don’t need to be exactly at the side of the factory, which is usually a popular spot for other players.

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Tthere are time-limited Legendary Quests starting every Wednesday, with the latest steps including placing Welcome Gifts, finding a CB Radio, Zig and Choppy and an Alien Nanite. You can also completed your Character Collection!

How to get a pro fishing rod in Fortnite explained

While you can obtain most of the fishes with the default version, some will require for you to use a pro fishing rod.

This is a blue-colour variant that allows you to catch those specific fishes, and as you may have guessed by now, they can be rare to find.


There is no specific spot to search for them, as they can appear on the ground as regular loot or from inside fishing rod barrels, although don’t expect them to be present in many.

Thankfully, you can use weapon workbenches to upgrade a regular rod to this rarity, using gold bars. If there happens to be one nearby of the fishing spot you’ve chosen, we highly recommend to take a quick trip and upgrade it to make the most out of your time. Just know the cost can be a bit steep (300 gold bars in our experience).

Fish Collection badge reward explained

Completing the Fish Collection in Fortnite comes with a reward, but don’t expect for it to be experience, battle stars or anything in between.


Instead, you’ll obtain the Full Scale Invasion badge (which is an achievement) in your Legacy catalogue. This can be viewed from the Careers tab in the game’s main hub.

While it’s purely a completionist objective, it’s worth remembering that fishes can be really helpful during matches, so always try to stop and enjoy the scenery while you wait for the rod to hook one up.

Best of luck catching all fishes!

If you’d like to learn more about Fortnite Season 7, then check out our guides on the legendary quests, IO Tech Weapons locations, cosmic chests, Season 7 map changes and alien artefacts.

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