Ghost of Tsushima fans help crowdfund repairs to typhoon-hit island •

A crowdfunding campaign for repairs to the real-life island of Tsushima has concluded with more than 27m yen (£192k) raised – 500 per cent of its original goal – thanks in part to donations from fans of Ghost of Tsushima.

The project will ensure the reconstruction of the Torii gate at Tsushima’s Watatsumi Shrine, which was destroyed by a typhoon in September last year. The structure currently lies in pieces, half-submerged in water (thanks, Siliconera).

Last year, the gate on the right was dismantled by a typhoon.
Now, its pieces lie half-buried in the sand.

Crowdfunding began in November via Camp-Fire, a Japanese alternative to Kickstarter. Quickly, the cause was noticed and picked up by Ghost of Tsushima fans – who have been thanked by the project’s founders.

Now, restoration of the Torii gate will be ensured – alongside a fresh stone monument nearby which will list the names of anyone who donated more than 10k yen (£71). The shrine is scheduled to be finished by this August, if all goes well.

Last November, PlayStation announced Ghost of Tsushima had hit 5m sales, making it the “fastest-selling first-party original PS4 game”. No doubt we’ll be seeing more of its world in the future.

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