Hearthstone announces new mode with $10 entry fee

Blizzard has announced a new high-risk, high-reward event for Hearthstone.


The collectible card brawler will soon host a limited-time Heroic Brawl with a steep entry fee: $10 or 1000 in-game gold. (UK price still to be announced).

Heroic Brawl tasks entrants with constructing a single deck for up to 12 wins – although your run will end after three losses, similar to the existing Arena.

You can then buy “a limited amount” of further entries, but only up to a point (Blizzard has yet to say how many) and only over the event’s week-long duration.

The rewards are very good – if you play well you’ll be showered with multiple packs, golden legendaries, dust and gold.

But – and it’s a big but – having paid likely around a tenner (thanks Brexit) and with only three losses before you’re out, it seems likely there will be players who leave with nothing for their money.

You’ll also need to break three wins to get anything back – so if you’re not doing this regularly in Arena, it would be wise to give this a miss.

Blizzard’s blog post announcing the mode suggests it is being aimed at experienced players or those who stream the game (and probably have the wallet to pay).


If you are interested, Hearthstone site Metabomb (which made the above loot table, with educated guesses at the dust and gold amounts) has more.

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