Hitman 3 review: “a slick and entertaining conclusion to the trilogy”

There’s something endlessly satisfying about unpacking and mastering the Groundhog Day playgrounds of Hitman 3. It should get boring; watching the same guards patrol their patrols, or workers work and characters wander well-worn tracks you know so well. But it never gets old. Knowing there’s the tiniest crack to slip through, or a moment to exploit that can leave a target oh so tragically killed is never dulled by the repetition of running and rerunning the scenario like a time traveler that can only leave the loop after meeting the right conditions. 

Murder go round

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Hitman 3

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Release date: January 20, 2021
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch
Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: IO Interactive

What those conditions are depend on your choices as Agent 47. There’s obviously an ‘ideal’ end to each of the six levels, defined by the story, but options unfold as you explore. It’s easy to finish a path and get away cleanly, while discovering some new and more interesting way to kill a target along the way that means you have to go back and try again. I really like the tragic accidents – like a tragic fall after someone loosened a balcony handrail. Or tragic electrocution by your own art installation. Then there was someone being tragically crushed by a giant wine press. And those tragically sabotaged parachutes… What should be repetitive never is, as the reward of new opportunities constantly freshens up revisits.  

Hitman 3 review

(Image credit: IO Interactive)

It’s also, for all the death, playful. There’s comedy to burying someone in their own grave at a sham funeral they organised to try and hide from public view. At one point I was able to kill someone by sequentially firing key employees to chain a sequence of events together that led to a fatal workplace health and safety violation. I’m currently replaying a level because there’s an option to get a target’s wife to kill them that I haven’t found yet and I really want to set that off. 

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