HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless review: “Another average headset in an ocean full of them”

There are a lot of HyperX headsets to choose from, and if you’re looking for a new headset to wrap around your ears while gaming then HyperX is a great place to start looking. The Cloud Flight wireless gaming headset sits firmly in the (upper) middle of the range when it comes to price, as it will set you back £120/$140 and is marketed as having a “solid, gaming-grade wireless connection with signature HyperX comfort”, but how does it fare when put through the paces, especially when compared to the best gaming headsets


HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless

(Image credit: HyperX)

First off, the Cloud Flight Wireless is a great looking headset. The red LEDs on the outside of either ear cup match the exposed bright red cabling, while the rest of the headset is a sleek black. It’s a small piece of kit too, so don’t worry about having a humongous, chunky beast atop your head.

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