I meet the Romeros: An hour on stage with Brenda and John

At the end of April it was an enormous pleasure to be asked to host Brenda and John Romero on stage at Polish conference Digital Dragons, and the recording is now online. It’s nearly an hour long so I suggest listening to it in the background like a podcast – you won’t miss any choreographed dance moves.

We covered a lot of ground but with two people each boasting decades of experience in the industry our time was not enough. We did touch upon Blackroom, the old-school first-person shooter John Romero and Adrian Carmack unsuccessfully tried to Kickstart a year ago, before suspending the campaign in order to return with a prototype.

“Well interestingly we cannot talk about Blackroom,” John Romero said to me. “At some point in the future I definitely will but I can’t say anything about it right now.” It sounds hopeful – perhaps a publisher is involved.

Brenda Romero also confirmed that “yes”, perhaps obviously, Romero Games is working on other game projects too.

“Top secret,” John Romero added with a grin. “When you’re working with a publisher, the publisher has a marketing department and a PR department and they’re the ones who are responsible for talking about what’s happening and they don’t want the developer to talk about the game before they’ve laid all the plans. So we can’t be the ones to first spill the beans.”

“We can confirm it’s a game,” Brenda Romero smiled. “It’s a game that uses code and art and audio.”