Luca review: “For Pixar, it all feels a little too unimaginative”

Pixar are renowned for stretching the conceptual boundaries of family entertainment, demanding that kids (and trickier still, adults) keep up: a lonesome robot clears up trash on a desolate future Earth in WALL*E; a little girl’s conflicted emotions wage abstract war in Inside Out; and a jazz musician’s tremulous spirit yearns to escape back to Earth in Soul.

Luca, the animation giant’s 24th feature in 26 years, is inspired partly by director Enrico Casarosa’s childhood summers on the beaches of Genoa, and partly by Fellini movies (especially coming-of-age dramedy I Vitelloni). But if that sounds esoteric, Pixar does what it always does by making it fun and accessible to all – did we mention Luca is about two sea monsters who take human form when they’re above the water’s surface?

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