Malcolm & Marie review: “Zendaya’s Netflix movie will stand the test of time”

While most of us spent last year’s lockdowns watching telly, raiding the fridge and doomscrolling, Sam Levinson teamed up with his lead from HBO drama Euphoria, Zendaya, and Tenet’s John David Washington to self-finance a black-and-white two-hander set in one house over a few hours: Malcolm & Marie.

Shot in gleaming 35mm, the film is, essentially, one big argument, as film director Malcolm (Washington) and his girlfriend Marie (Zendaya) return home from the premiere of his debut movie and get into one. It starts because he forgot to thank her in his speech; but then ebbs and flow and digresses and sharply refocuses and heats and cools and heats once more as their entire five-year relationship comes under scrutiny.

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