Marvel Villainous review: "Lives up to the legacy"

On paper, Marvel Villainous is the perfect mash-up. The company’s supervillains are some of the most iconic characters in the industry, so it makes sense that they’d get their own version of the Disney Villainous board game. Thanos, Hela, Killmonger, Ultron, and Taskmaster: it’s a hell of a lineup. One of them snapped half the universe out of existence, another was immortalized by Cate Blanchett (need we say more?), and the rest co-star in some of the biggest films of the last few years.

However, they’ve got big shoes to fill. The original Villainous is one of the best board games out there, and it’s been popular enough to spawn more than a few Disney Villainous expansions that are interchangeable with the original. This version is facing a tall order as a result… but you know what? It succeeds. Well, mostly. If anything, Marvel Villainous is a little too ambitious. That’s not a sin by any means, but it does stop the game from one-upping its inspiration. 

Essential Info

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Players: 2 – 4
Difficulty: Hard
Time to set up: 5 minutes
Time to play: 20 – 60 minutes
Age: 12+

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