Mass Effect Legendary Edition review: “The only way to play an unmissable series”

The Mass Effect trilogy is to modern video games what its mass relays are to humanity. In the series’ lore, tens of thousands of years ago an advanced alien race scattered mass relays around the Milky Way, which acted as bread crumbs leading humans to the galaxy’s furthest stars. In 2007, Mass Effect was dropped into the cultural conversation by BioWare, and along with its successors, acted as a beacon for nearly every modern blockbuster game made in its impressive wake.

Whether it’s the sprawling, lore-heavy world that envelops you like the vacuum of space, the vibrant and impressively large cast of characters that stays with you long after the credits, or the choices that threaten to rend your heart to shreds, there’s ample reason why Mass Effect is widely considered the modern RPG touchstone. That’s why reviewing Mass Effect Legendary Edition (the remastered collection of all three original Mass Effect titles) is so difficult. 

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