Meet the first person to reach level 1000 in Overwatch

His name is Maxime, and he’s French. He apologises for his bad English but his written answers to my questions are fine. Maxime claims to be the first Overwatch player in the world to reach level 1000. You might know him better by his Overwatch name Tazzerk.

He staked his claim 3rd September on Twitter with a picture of his player portrait as proof. “J’y suis enfin, world first level 1000 sur Overwatch,” he wrote, which roughly translates to, “I am finally the world’s first level 1000 in Overwatch.”

A level 1000 player portrait is silver edged with three stars underneath, yet is far from being the last attainable level. But consider that achievement for a moment: level 1000. I am level 66 and have played for more than 55 hours, and I think that’s a lot. Heck, I’m impressed when I see someone with a bronze-edged player portrait and one or two stars underneath. But they’re only in the level ranges 200-300; Tazzerk is on a whole other level.

Being level 1000 means Tazzerk has opened 1000 loot boxes, so there’s no cosmetic content he covets any longer, and he has 50,000 amassed credits if something alluring pops up. But beyond loot boxes, portrait frames, and matchmaking, levels don’t really mean anything. Your characters aren’t more powerful because your level is higher. It’s more a gauge of the time you’ve spent playing Overwatch – and Tazzerk has spent a lot.

“I’ve almost 1000 hours on Overwatch,” he tells me. “I play like 16-17 hours per day – except sometimes.”

I’m nosy and ask about his daily routine and how he’s able to fit such mammoth Overwatch sessions in, but he politely declines to answer. “I don’t really want to speak on that,” he says.

“I did it because I love Overwatch and the challenge,” he goes on. “It’s not my first rush. I really like it. I started the rush when I knew I could be the first.”

By “rush” he means race to the highest attainable character level in a game – something he did in online games Aura Kingdom and Swordsman, though I only have his word on that.