News: PUBG has now passed five million players on Xbox One

Bluehole has announced that the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has drummed up five million players worldwide.

The battle royale title reached the figure in less than three months, which is a pretty impressive accomplishment considering the game has had more than a few teething issues since launch.

Speaking in a press release, the company extended its thanks to fans for their continued feedback on PUBG, which Bluehole says has allowed them to craft the ‘best and most realistic Battle Royale experience.’ Okay, so that last bit was totally a bit of mud slinging in the direction Fortnite.

In addition to hitting five million players, the Xbox One version of the game has also coughed up a number of impressive states. A mouth-watering 4,959,356 chicken dinners have been gobbled by players, over 41 million people have been snuffed out by the Blue Zone, and the frying pan has claimed 952,312 victims since the game’s release.

Bluehole recently confirmed a detailed roadmap for PUBG, which includes the release of a new map as spring gets underway. In addition, Gabe Newell recently confirmed that the title is the third best-selling game on Steam.

Finally, those of you who have an active character in PUBG by March 22 can claim a free in-game cosmetic item, the PUBG5 jacket.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox One stats

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