News: Say hello to our new Staff Writer, Chris Hallam

Hey everyone! We know this has been a long time coming, but we’re extremely happy to announce our new Staff Writer! Say hello to Chris Hallam. This is the picture Chris requested we use:

chris hallam

This is the first in-house job Chris has had in games media, although he’s been maintaining his own blog and generally being a good egg around the place for ages, so you might already know him. Alongside the games stuff, Chris has so far had an astonishingly interesting life. He’s taught English in Kuwait, and claims he’s made friends with Jason Orange by serving him some food and going ‘Take that!’ From this you can tell that Chris is also hilarious.

His gaming knowledge is very extensive, and when asked what he’s playing right now Chris will rattle off a list of between four and seven things on various platforms. I asked what his top three games are and he said ‘PES, Metal Gear Solid, and Final Fantasy 7. No Hitman. No put Final Fantasy 7,’ and then said actually he liked too many things and couldn’t decide.

Chris is going to be your VideoGamer news writer. He’s not officially starting for another few weeks, but he will be covering all the E3 news for VideoGamer from here in the UK. We’re very happy to have him, and are excited for all the fun cool stuff we can do in the future!

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