Next-Gen AMD Ryzen Threadripper Might Be Coming Soon

AMD’d next-generation Ryzen Threadripper might be coming soon, according to the latest patch notes for the popular HWiNFO diagnostic suite.

Realix, the developer behind HWiNFO, said earlier today that the upcoming version of the software will improve its work with AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper Pro as well as “next-generation Ryzen Threadripper” platforms. This is essentially one of the first public signs of AMD’s 4th Generation Threadripper, which is allegedly based on the Epyc ‘Milan’ design. 

“Improved detection of AMD ThreadRipper Pro and next-generation ThreadRipper,” a line in the HWiNFO changelog reads.

(Image credit: HWiNFO)

That said, we’re still not certain if HWiNFO got word from AMD or is simply adapting its Milan knowledge to fit the new Threadripper.

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