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Railgun! New character looks! Hero missions! More!

Blizzard didn’t include Overwatch 2 in its BlizzConline opening ceremony, instead choosing to focus on World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Diablo, but it did publish a behind the scenes video with members of the Overwatch development scene that contains fresh gameplay and snippets of new information.

In the video below, Jeff Kaplan and co reveal new maps (Rome, New York), showcase character reworks, new weapons, hero missions and more.

Here’s Rome:


Here’s New York:


Blizzard unveiled new looks for a raft of characters. Here’s McCree, who’s sporting a longer beard:


Here’s Pharah, who now has a transparent visor:


Here’s Reaper’s new look. You’ll notice his mask is now completely silver, rather than bone white:


And here’s Widowmaker, who has a more cyberpunk femme fatale look in Overwatch 2:


And here’s a brief look at Sojourn gameplay. The railgun is being used here to great effect:


There’s a lot more detail in the video, including top-line philosophy on PvP, PvE, changes to characters, combat feel and story details. Running through it all is the insistence that Overwatch 2 is very much a sequel. As Kaplan says: “We really want Overwatch 2 to feel like the next evolution, a true sequel to the first game, not an add-on. It’s not a small part, it’s not an extension of the original game. This is an evolution and a replacement to the original game, and I think it’s exciting.”

Overwatch 2 still doesn’t have a release window. Activision recently said it doesn’t expect it to come out in 2021.

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