PES 2017 best players – the highest rated Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards in Pro Evo 2017


PES 2017 may not have every official license in the world – although we do have a tutorial for how to easily patch in your own option files for complete immersion – but it does have the permission to use real players and their likenesses, thanks to separately-owned rights and lots of other legal mumbo jumbo.

That matters, because we can now list out the very best players in the game at launch, and subsequently argue over those ratings until the Sun goes down. So, without much further ado, here are the top players for each area of the pitch in PES 2017, according to their Overall rating. Argue away!

PES 2017 best Goalkeepers

The most important position on the pitch – and I’m definitely not saying that because I fancy myself an alright ‘keeper – it’s a tad controversial that David De Gea isn’t ranking higher, particularly in light of a rather generous 86 rating for Lloris and an equal 87 for Courtois, who had nowhere near the season De Gea’s had last year (or the two years preceding it).

Definitely not saying that because I’m a United – sorry, Man Red – fan either. If you’re looking for the real thing by the way, we have a list of every team’s real name in PES 2017 here , so you can edit away.

Player Club Overall Rating
Neuer Free Agent (would be Bayern Munich) 90
Buffon PM Black White 88
De Gea Man Red 87
Courtois London FC 87
Lloris North East London 86

PES 2017 best Defenders

There can’t be too many complaints here, with the debate being fairly open as to who ought to take the mantle for best centre-back in the world from Boateng and Silva. Sergio Ramos might be a tad fortunate sit in their company, but otherwise these seem like sound choices.

Player Club Overall Rating
Silva PSG 92
Ramos MD White 90
Boateng Free Agent (would be Bayern Munich) 90
Pique Barcelona C.F. 87
Alaba Free Agent (would be Bayern Munich) 86

ES 2017 best Midfielders

Chelsea fans might feel a little hard done by to see Hazard take a relatively meagre 87 rating, although his tragicly haphazard past season will likely be the reason for that. Andres Iniesta rightfully maintains his crown as the best midfielder in the world.

Player Club Overall Rating
Iniesta Barcelona C.F. 89
Pogba Man Red 89
Vidal Free Agent (would be Bayern Munich) 88
Kroos MD White 88
Hazard London F.C. 87

PES 2017 best Forwards

Most of the controversy will always reside around the front line ratings in football games – almost certainly because the great art of goalkeeping is consistently undervalued by the close-minded, of course – and the eternal debate rages once again between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s position as the highest-rated player in the world.

Messi took home the most recent Ballon d’Or, whilst Ronaldo takes top spot in PES nemesis FIFA 17. The roles are reversed here though – it’s up to you to decide whether that’s because PES happens to have the Barcelona rights this year, because they just don’t want to be the same as FIFA, or maybe just because Messi is a tiny bit better.

Player Club Overall Rating
Messi Barcelona C.F. 94
Ronaldo MD White 93
Suarez Barcelona C.F. 92
Ibrahimovic / Aguero / Bale / Neymar Man Red / Man Blue / MD White / Barcelona C.F. 90

If there’s anything to take home from the top ratings this year, it’s that Bayern Munich’s total exclusion from PES means there are some world class players available on free transfers. Even outside the Neuers and Boatengs of the world, the likes of Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Müller, Philipp Lahm and more are available for nothing, so get on that quickly when you start a new save!

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