PES 2021 review: “For a football experience this strong, you can’t argue with twenty-five quid”

PES 2021 is the riskiest football effort Konami has released this generation. Announced as an update of last year’s edition, PES 2021: Season Update boasts the same base gameplay and modes from PES 2020 while adding the new football season’s kits, squads and transfers. Threadbare as that may sound, there’s good news. While everything about PES 2021 invokes déjà vu as you load up familiar menus and identical modes, on the pitch it’s significantly different to its predecessor.

(Image credit: Konami)

Release date: 15 September 2020 

Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC  

Developer: Konami

Publisher: Konami

Yes, there are still areas that need to be improved, and the lack of a new mode might hurt the longevity of this year’s edition. But new on-pitch refinements and added myClub content make PES 2021 a worthy entry in the long-running football game franchise and an excellent entry point for new fans – especially at the special ‘anniversary price’ of £25. 

The same, but different

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