Pokemon Go Brings Back Some Pandemic Bonuses

Pokemon Go has reimplemented a couple of temporary bonuses, developer Niantic has announced. For the next few months, Incense will once again attract more Pokemon when activated, and your Buddy Pokemon will both find more gifts and do so more often than usual each day.

These bonuses were initially implemented in Pokemon Go as part of Niantic’s efforts to make the game easier to play from home amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but they were removed back in October. As the studio explained on the Pokemon Go website, they’re being made available again at least until June 2021.

“These bonuses are temporary, but they will remain in the game at minimum through June 2021,” the studio wrote. “We’ll give at least one month’s notice before they change.”

The studio also says that more bonuses will be available as part of upcoming events, including decreased hatching distance for eggs, increased trading distance, and more 1 PokeCoin item bundles. Additionally, Niantic is currently doling out double XP for catching and evolving Pokemon and other tasks ahead of the game’s big Go Beyond update.

Pokemon Go recently implemented the ability to transfer Pokemon directly to Pokemon Home, and to celebrate, Niantic is holding a new event until November 23. As part of the event, Shiny Slowpoke is appearing in the game, as is Shiny Meltan. On top of that, this month’s second Community Day takes place on November 21. The featured Pokemon this time is Magmar, and any that evolve into Magmortar up to two hours after the event ends will learn the Electric-type Charged attack Thunderbolt.

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