Pokémon Go's next evolution event is a bit odd

The latest in Pokmon Go’s ongoing carousel of in-game events is an odd one – themed around Pokmon evolution.

Unova Stones will also apparently be on offer.

The event, which kicks off tonight, features Pokmon in the wild, in tasks and in raids with unusual evolution types and requirements, such as those which require items, or those with branching evolution – think Eevee, Burmy, and Tyrogue.

Shiny Burmy will be released (which you’ll need a lot of to get all the various evolution combinations). Lures will last one hour, you’ll get double XP when evolving Pokmon, and you’ll gain evolution items from raids.

Speaking of raids – this is the slightly strange bit. There will be a raid day this Saturday, 11am-2pm local time, with five free passes. This bit is great. But the Pokmon on offer? They’re the Gen 1 Kanto starters. As Pokmon commonly available and featured repeatedly within the game (costumed versions were raidable as recently as Halloween), this bit is less great.