Raspberry Pi Turbo Boosts Amiga 500 Retro Computer

In the 1980s the home computer market was dominated by the likes of Atari, IBM, Tandy and Commodore and one of the most popular machines was the Amiga. The most popular of the range was the Amiga 500 and with Claude Schwarz’s Raspberry Pi Amiga PCB known as PiStorm you can seriously boost the power of this humble home computer.

PiStorm is an adaptor board that plugs into the socket for the Amiga’s Motorola 68000, 7.16 MHz CPU. Upgrading the A500+ to a 68EC030 CPU running at 70 – 80 MHz. At the time that would’ve been a dream setup requiring a much more expensive machine, the A4000 and a huge injection of cash for third party accessories. 

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