Razer Viper Ultimate review: Astonishing performance but slightly lacking customization

Holding the Razer Viper Ultimate for the first time, it’s difficult to comprehend how such performance can be so featherlight. At first glance, Razer’s ambidextrous esports mouse could be mistaken for cheap it’s so lightweight, but don’t be fooled – this isn’t your average pointer and the tech packed inside such a streamlined shell makes for blitzing speed and accuracy. 


Razer Viper Ultimate

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The Viper Ultimate is made to be light, and strips away a few customizable macros and extra weight features one might expect from a premium gaming mouse to achieve that. You’re only getting two buttons on either side of the main chassis, aimed under the thumb of whichever hand you’re using the ambidextrous mouse with, along with the clickable scroll wheel. That’s a little underwhelming considering the level of customization you’ll find in other models at this price point, and the lack of weight options also restricts those looking for a chunkier feel.

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