Remembering Dyna Blaster, the first Battle Royale game I played

26 years on, the opening ditty to Dyna Blaster on the Amiga is still seared into my memory, a perfect, personal time capsule that exists nowhere else but my brain. I only need to hum the first 10 seconds of that jingle and suddenly I’m transported back in time to 1991. 12 years old and huddled around an Amiga 500+ with four of my friends in a tiny bedroom in Garsington, Oxford.

God, we had so much fun playing Dyna Blaster’s Battle Mode that summer. With every match we’d laugh until our sides hurt and tears ran down our cheeks. We’d scream with excitement at every kill, we’d jostle and punch arms with every loss and we’d continue on that way for hours until a hungry belly, or an exasperated parent sent us home.