Robot Uses UV Light to Fight COVID-19 in Schools, Offices

Disinfecting surfaces is part of the daily grind at schools, offices, hospitals and other institutions, but simply wiping them down may not be enough. UV light is proven to kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, but it’s also harmful to human eyes and skin, potentially causing skin cancer or cataracts. 

UBTech, maker of the popular Jimu line of kids’ robots and the life-size Walker robot, has a new solution rolling out. Its Adibot robot blasts a room with the appropriate level of UV-C light while humans wait safely outside.

Adibot is available in two versions: a $40,000 model which can roll around a room on its own and a $20,000 stationary unit that you put in the middle of a room. While those prices may sound high, UBTech GM John Rhee told us that hospitals have similar robots that cost well over $100,000. The company also has a program where it charges as little as $15 a day to finance or lease the machines.

UBTech Adibot

(Image credit: UBTech)

Both versions of Adibot come with a smart warning sign that maintenance staff can put outside a room to block people from accidentally entering. Both the robots and the sign itself have human detection capabilities they can use to see if a person enters the line of fire and turn themselves off. They also have cameras that record any intrusions so, if someone does get into the restricted area, you’ll know who it was.

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