ROG Chakram Core review: “Thumbstick mouse control on a budget”

As is tradition, Asus have followed the release of their ROG Chakram mouse with the ROG Chakram Core edition, which strips back some of the features in exchange for a cheaper price point. And it is significantly cheaper than its predecessor; roughly $60 / £60, to be exact.

However, the design will be instantly familiar to anyone who has already handled the original Chakram. In addition to the two main mouse buttons and scroll wheel, there are two thumb buttons and a tiny flat ‘joystick’ above a thumb rest with a textured plastic surface. On initial inspection, we like the ROG Chakram Core just as much as the original.


Essential info

ROG Chakram Core

(Image credit: Asus)

Price: $79.99 / £89.99
Form factor: Right-handed
Buttons: 5 + 4 (digital joystick mode)
DPI: 16,000
IPS: Up to 400
Switches: Omron
Connectivity: Wired
Weight: 3.4oz – 3.9oz (97g – 111g) with adjustable weights

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