Seagate Ships 20TB HAMR HDDs Commercially, Increases Shipments of Mach.2 Drives

Seagate said this week that it had begun commercial shipments of its hard drives featuring heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology back in November and expanded the evaluation program for its dual-actuator Mach.2 HDDs, which offer twice the performance of a standard hard drive. The company is confident that its technology portfolio will enable it to increase capacity and improve the performance of its hard drives for years to come.   

Increasing the capacity of hard drives is important, but while capacity, areal density, and linear read/write speeds rise, random read/write IOPS performance per TB drops, which affects how datacenters operate. To increase sequential read/write speeds and increase IOPS per TB performance, HDD makers are developing hard drives with two independent actuators on a single pivot, effectively putting two drives inside one 3.5-inch package. Seagate was the first HDD maker to introduce its Multi-Actuator Technology (MAT) in late 2017 and then started to sample such drives — which have received the Exos 2X14 Mach.2 branding — with select customers sometime in 2019. 

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